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 Andrew Wilson:

"When I was about 8 years old my dad was a member of Renwood GC, he loved golf. He bought me my first set of Michael Jordan golf clubs and off we went to get my first lesson. This is when I first met Mike Perez. I liked Mike and we became good friends. It was Mikes instruction that led me to win my first golf tournament at 10 years old, my mother still has the trophy in my trophy case today!

Andrew WilsonAs the years went on, I would walk to Renwood with my clubs to practice. It was mike's friendship and helpful instruction that made me love the game and play the way I do today.

I have gone on to receive a golf scholarship from CLC in my first year of college. Now in my second year, I have received a scholarship from Robert Morris University. I have won several Golf Channel Tournaments and the Golf Channel National Championship in Orlando FL last season. My goal is to work toward getting into the PGA Tour, and to think it all started with Mike and my family by my side giving me instruction and love for this great game!

Thank You, Mike. I hope other kids realize how lucky they are to be instructed by Mike Perez!"

See you on the tee's,
Andrew Wilson

 Rob Wilson:
"I have been a member of Renwood for as long as I can remember and met Mike when the clubhouse was a restaurant/bar combo located by the 14th tee box. I took up the game under his instruction many years before my son Andrew was born.

We never thought that we would be where we are today when Andrew took instruction from Mike in grade school but those lessons set him on the path he is on to this day. He received a golf a scholarship from the College Of Lake County and has received a full scholarship to Robert Morris University. He has won a National Championship and many tournaments across the United States.

Wow, you never really know how things will turn out but we are so happy we came to Mike in those early years. He has a simple way of making a difficult game a little easier."

Rob Wilson

 Herving Sanchez:
"I am currently college student at Robert Morris on a golf scholarship. However I did not pick up a golf club until the summer before my senior year of high school. Mike has been working with my game since that summer five years ago.

I have had a lot of success in collegiate tournaments as well as in amateur events. Golf has given me the ability to help pay for my education and it has also been a source of fun and accomplishment in my life. However, I would not have been able to have success in golf without the instruction, guidance, and friendship of Mike Perez."

Thank You, Mike

 Mitzi Schwabe:
"I think you are the best golf instructor a parent could wish for: kind, patient, and completely knowledgeable about the game of golf!"

Thanks, Mike

 Dale Thomas:
"Mike Perez is a world class golf teacher. Since working with Mike I have lowered my handicap by 7 strokes and am now playing to a single digit handicap. As a teacher, Mike has a unique ability and understanding of the golf swing. Unlike many golf instructors, Mike does not try to completely change your golf swing. Instead, he will study your abilities and talents and work with you as an individual to improve your golf skills. He is a great teacher of the fundamentals necessary to build a better golf swing. I would recommend Mike Perez to golfers of all skill levels who want to enjoy the game of golf to its fullest."

Dale Thomas
Wauconda, IL

 Ken Bieschke:

"I have consulted with a good number of golf instructors over the years, but you stand out to me as one of the very best... because you didn't try to make me fit a pre-conceived mold of what a golf swing should look like, but you did give me a common sense way to think about how the club face should be swung to give me the maximum probability that I will make square contact with the golf ball.

I have a tendency to tinker with my swing and try different things all of the time, which inevitably leads to inconsistent performances, but when I really want to get my swing back on track, I think of what you told me, and how I should be thinking about where that club face is and how important it is to bring it back to square impact, and it improves my game immediately... every time.

Thanks Mike, for all of your help. You deserve your high ranking as a leading golf instructor. Keep up the good work!"

Ken Bieschke
Fox Lake, IL

"I ENJOY teaching people of all ages and abilities.
I believe in teaching the INDIVIDUAL PERSON
rather than any particular
method or technique."

Mike Perez
USGTF Master Teaching Professional